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Bulk Email & Bulk SMS

Infouna is an active provider of Bulk Email and Bulk SMS services. As a part of our Email and SMS marketing provisions we at Infouna direct our strategy towards potential clients so that maximum response can be generated by this medium. Bulk Email and bulk SMS does not mean that you blindly go on sending the messages just for the heck of it. Instead in a bulk email or SMS plan it's not just quantity that counts but even the quality is a highly essential medium for drawing the best possible response from clients.

Businesses can prepare their bulk Email and bulk SMS grounds with Infouna because of the reliability and huge data response that we engage. The most significant features of our bulk email and bulk SMS services are that :

  • We involve unlimited dynamic sender ID.
  • The interface developed is user friendly so as to read the replies effectively.
  • Assured quick delivery along with absolute client satisfaction.
  • Customized messaging facility.
  • Database and client detail protection.
  • Use of scheduling for auto delivery of SMS.
  • Customized accounts for corporate MNC sectors.

With Infouna you can advertise and sell your products in an easier way by means of sorting out a specialized contact list for you that does not include strangers who are absolutely quizzed about your presence. Most people use our bulk Email and bulk SMS services so that they can reach out to thousands of people at the same go. Email and SMS marketing lets you reach out to the clients even when your clients do not wish to be disturbed. Above that we make sure that the content we put up in this marketing strategy is exceptionally catchy and wonderful ensuring that the clients pay absolute attention to this form of marketing strategy. All the more going through an SMS is very time efficient and the same applies for an Email which can even contain pictures and videos linked to the company or product for drawing maximum number if clients. At Infouna our bulk messaging softwares are secure and easy to use while ensuring instant delivery of the message or mail.

The advantages of undertaking bulk email and bulk SMS services from Infouna include:

  • Issuance of emergency alerts under critical situations
  • Key customers or clients can be immediately contacted for the supplication of information that too directly
  • Sending out of bulk greeting and wishes on particular occasions
  • Even through roaming employees can make use of bulk email and bulk SMS service

Infouna has the capacity to send out n-number of messages however picking out the most relevant and potential data will add to the expected outcome. Bulk solutions have always been a reasonable and scoopful medium of communication for businesses however we at Infouna have completely changed the face of this effective methodology.

We are a revolutionary step towards ensuring your E-visibility

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