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Technical Writing

At Infouna our technical writers can create installation guides, user documentation, on-line help and other such technical documentation. The reason why most people prefer using our technical services is mainly because of the team of technical writers that we hold. Our team is well versed in content development and structuring of technical documentation. Outsourcing your technical writing project to Infouna will definitely give you an edge over your competitors. A specialized approach is required when writing about technical subjects since it is a specialized form of writing.

At Infouna our goal is to help readers connect well with the technological aspects by means of the written word. Technological processes, concepts and features are usually tough to make out for any lay man. Hence our technical writers prepare flexible content which successfully imparts the information required while at the same time also maintains an absolute level of coherence through the terms and language used to describe the writing effort.

Infouna has the creativity and innovativeness to develop expertly designed multimedia profiles for your corporate presence. Our cutting edge tools and technologies make it readily possible for us to instill additional effects and information linked to the site. These can include interactive brochures, employee orientation, reseller education, sales presentation, direct mail pieces etc.Under Infouna's technical writing genre, clients can usually find a number of factors that hold absolute utility in the current world. While each discipline has its own specific relevance and requirements, but there are some basic elements that are highly common. Before looking at those elements our technical writing strategy is firstly and essentially based on the readers.

Some very important elements that Infouna accommodates as a part of their technical writing strategy include:

  1. Clarity - Infouna's technical writing section pays utmost stress on the logical flow of the content developed so that the readers can easily grasp what is being offered through the document. Our technical writings are created in a way so that even those who are absolutely unaware about the technical aspects being discussed in the content can effectively undertake an analysis of the produced document.
  2. Accuracy – The next most essential factor that we pay immense attention to is accuracy of the information being supplied and the correct interpretation of the data. The readers of your document should face no doubts regarding the credibility of the content produced. It is very important to differentiate facts and opinions along with the production of right references to support the point presented.
  3. Brevity - Infouna maintains a proper balance between the different contents. All supplementary and background details are presented in a precise form that is highly relevant and required.
  4. Reader-centricity - The technical writing that we produce is highly reader centric. This means that we write particularly for the readers understanding of the topic. Every concept however complex it may be is developed so as to make it a lot easier for the readers to understand what is being taught.

With these basic elements in hand we at Infouna consider it these principles as our prime factors of concern linked to the technical writing task that we undertake.

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